Dunlop Q5S Rebate - Buy 2 and get $120 back for a limited time.

Dunlop Q5S Rebate - Buy 2 and get $120 back for a limited time.

Are you looking to upgrade your tires and save money at the same time? Look no further than the Dunlop Q5S rebate offer! When you purchase 2 Dunlop Q5S tires, you can receive a $120 rebate, allowing you to enjoy top-quality tires at a discounted price.

Don't need 2 tires, but one and get $60 back!

How does the Dunlop Q5S rebate work?

It's simple - all you have to do is purchase 2 Dunlop Q5S tires from Koup's Cycle Shop and submit your rebate form. Once your purchase is verified, you will receive a $120 ($60 for one tire) rebate, making it a cost-effective way to enhance your vehicle's performance and safety.

Why choose Dunlop Q5S tires?

The Dunlop Q5S tires are designed for optimal performance in various road conditions, providing excellent traction, handling, and durability. With advanced technology and superior construction, these tires offer a smooth and safe driving experience, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Maximize your savings today!

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to save on high-quality tires. Take advantage of the Dunlop Q5S rebate offer and upgrade your vehicle with top-of-the-line tires that deliver performance, safety, and value. Enhance your driving experience and maximize your savings today!

Koup's is a stocking Dunlop Pro Dealer and offers great prices and installation on most make and models.

Rebate ends 6/30/2024 while supplies last.

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